We love cooking

Fabbrica Sughi Toscana transferred the original style of home-cooking into our factory, just into a larger pot.  
Our top ingredients, careful handling and health conscious attitude of each process is part of the goodness you can taste; easy digestion is guaranteed.


|   Proudly Pure Products tantalise the Senses & the Palate 

|   Know the abundant Goodness in this range 

|   Enhance well loved Traditional Dishes 

|   Wholesome, Healthy & Easily digestible

|   Add the resulting feeling of well-being to your table

|   Nature steered to nourish.


-  Bruschetta Sauces  & Crostini Dips 

- Italian Flair Vegan Sauces
- Tuscan ready-to-eat Dishes 
- Game Sauces 
- Limited Selection of 100% made in Tuscany
- a Pure Fruit Range 
- Jellies and Sauces

- a Pure Fruit Range

- Fruid Jams & Spreads


Traditional  |  Organic  |  Vegan

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Certificazione Bollo CE

Copiright FST Fabbrica Sughi Toscana  - Via A. Modigliani 27/A  -  56010 Vicopisano - Pisa (Italy - P iva 02211800517